Here at Stony Point, NY, Roy Park DDS dental clinic gives Oral Hygiene Instructions. In order to prevent cavities and maintain healthy teeth and gums, oral hygiene must be observed. During your visit to the oral hygienist or the dentist, you will be instructed the following:

1.) Floss your teeth once a day. Flossing is fundamental to healthy gums. When flossing, gently slide the floss under the gum line of both sides of every tooth, wiping the tooth from base to tip.

2.) Brush your teeth twice a day. The effective method of cleaning your teeth is to begin with flossing then proceed with brushing. Soft bristled toothbrush is recommended safe on your gums. Using a circular motion, make sure not to speed through brushing. Take at least 2-3 minutes to do the complete and thorough method.

3.) Avoid excessive nibbling of sticky, sugary foods. Eat a well balanced diet.

4.) Use antiseptic rinse or fluoride or as directed by your dentist.

5.) Refrain from smoking.

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